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Symbols of Love

February is the month of love as we all know. Valentine's Day is the one day we dedicate to the loved ones in our lives. Who doesn't remember the days of elementary school when we would write out little Valentines to our schoolmates? Those sweet little cards with images of cupids, hearts and sweet sayings.

*Retro Valentines circa 1960's

We all know the familiar symbols of Valentines, but did you know there many other symbols of love? Knowing these other symbols of love can help you be creative and different when purchasing gifts for your loved ones. Some of these symbols we'll share are familiar some are not. Love the ones around you!

The Heart - Of course the heart will start our list! Why has the heart become such a symbol of love? When we fall in love the heart is responsible for all our physical feelings of love.... blushing, stomach flutters, excitement and compassion. Even in ancient times the heart was used as a symbol of love potions and spells. No wonder the Tin Man was looking for a heart!

The Rose - A Swedish proverb says, "If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I'd be picking roses for a lifetime." No other flower symbolizes love more than the rose. On Valentine's Day no other flower is sent more and for good reason. The rose has a long history of inspiring authors, artists and poets when expressing the passion of love.

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite the goddess of love is often depicted adorned with roses. Tradition has it that Aphrodite's lover Adonis bled and from his blood came the rose bush. Now that's love. When giving the gift of roses think outside the box. Look to bath oils and soaps that are rose scented that keep giving the sweet smell of roses long after the bouquet is gone.

Cupid - Once again Aphrodite shows up in our list of symbols of love. Cupid was the son of Aphrodite and Ares. The story of cupid hitting someone in the heart with his arrow is a common story of falling in love. Ouch! Love never felt so good.

Swans - Many would argue that the swan is the most beautiful bird. It's beauty and grace has always made it symbol of everything that is beautiful in nature. The swan is a symbol of love for many reasons. Swans will have the same partner for many years or for their entire lifetime. Also the love of a mother to a child also echoes the nature of mother swans. They are fiercely protective of their babies, making it a symbol of family love.

Apples - A favorite of the fall season, the apple is a symbol of love anytime of the year. In China, apple blossoms represents adoration and the fruit symbolizes peace. In Greek mythology the goddess of marriage Hera was presented apples at her wedding. The rest is history.

Ladybugs - One of the most beloved insects in the garden is also a symbol of love in Asia. Legend has it that the ladybug will fly to your true love and whisper your name in their ear. How lucky in love is that?

This year's Valentine Day is a great opportunity to show all the people in your life that you love them. Whatever symbol you chose to show your love, know that those around you will always cherish the notion and feel the love! Happy Valentine's Day!

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