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Coconut Bowls: Sustaining the Earth and Enriching our Lives

We often have been told to be more conscious of how we use our earth's resources. As stewards of this earth it is our duty to find products that are earth friendly and kind to our planet.

The coconut is one of nature's greatest gifts to us. The lowly coconut is used for its delicious meat and it's water is a hydrating refreshment. We use its sugar and its oil. What is hardly given a thought is what is done with the hard shell after it is harvested? For many years the shells were burned giving off CO2 into the air or discarded into landfills. But today thanks to many caring people, the coconut shell has been given new life in the form of sustainable bowls and utensils.

One of the largest harvesting countries of coconuts is Vietnam. Rainforest Bowls sources its coconut bowls from this Southeast Asian nation and works with local craftspeople to produce bowls, plates, cups and utensils from the coconut shell which may have otherwise been discarded.

Not only does Rainforest Bowls give back to the earth, they have developed entrepreneurial programs with farmers and artisans in Vietnam. They have created a new market of sustainable dinnerware.

Coconut bowls are a joy to use. All products are naturally made and are perfect for salads, cereals, guacamole, salsa and much, much more. Each coconut bowl is unique and hand crafted. Their beauty is natural and knowing you are contributing to the Earth's health makes them even more beautiful!

Check out our line of Rainforest Bowls in our online store and start celebrating this amazing gift from earth!

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