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Vivid colors, a cultural affinity for all things handmade, and a love for sipping tea at any hour of the day collide in this collection of handblown glassware sets. Inspire your shoppers to pair this jug perfectly with the Beldi Glassware!

What goes around comes back around

If recycling and caring for the environment is as important to you as it is for us, this jug is the perfect addition for your shop. Made from recycled beer and wine bottles, these jugs are a second act for glass that would otherwise be sent to landfills. 

Perfectly imperfect

Our Moroccan glassware sets come in four distinct shades of transparent glass (Clear, Amber, Blue & Green). The handblown construction is evident in the bubbles suspended in the glass itself, and the organic forms that the vessels take.


Moroccan glassblowers upped the ante on intricate additions to their craft as the centuries rolled by, adding metallic finishes, geometric etchings, and even gold lips to glasses, before tastes eventually swung back towards the sleek and simple designs on display here. Even better, these lovely glasses stack - saving space or to make room for lots and lots of them.

The top-selling beer in Morocco is Heineken, whose iconic green bottles give our green glasses their distinctive shade.


Dishwasher safe.

*Please note: handblown glass is sensitive to drastic temperature changes.


Handblown Glass Beldi Jug Blue

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