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0.Peshtemals are characteristically thin, opening the door to a wide array of uses and functionalities—the Harem Scarf takes this to another level. This scarf is a blend of linen and cotton, which makes it more flexible and compact than the average peshtemal.


Whether you need a fashionable bath or beach towel, shawl, tablecloth, or clothing piece; this is the scarf for you! The added linen and stripes makes this a perfect addition to any wardrobe.



50% Linen, 50% Cotton

Size: 38x65 inches

Ideally hand wash, but can be machine wash in cold water with like colors, gentle cycle.

Air dry only. Treat with care, avoiding high heat or harsh detergents/fabric softeners.


Wash before first use.

Deeba Scarf Grey/Blue

Excluding Sales Tax
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