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2020 - The Unofficial Year of the Stressed Out Person

2020 is winding down and so many people can be heard, "I wish 2020 was over already!" Yes 2020 presented itself with challenges that no one ever anticipated and the stresses it gave us sure has challenged us. Now more than ever we need to remember simple things to destress. Read these 5 simple steps to handle the rigors of life and here's to 2021!

According to a Harvard study, there are several dangerous side effects of stress in our lives. Everything from mood, appetite and sleep issues. Even more serious, heart disease. Here are the 5 easy steps to start to let off some steam.

Stay Positive. Everyone has heard the phrase " Laughter is the best medicine". There is truth in this saying. Laughter can help reduce inflammation in our arteries and reduce bad levels of cholesterol. Overall it lowers our stress hormones when we find laughter in our lives!

Meditate. The practice of meditation has been used as a proven method of reducing stress across all cultures. Inward thinking and concentration on breathing helps reduce the stress thoughts that creep into our minds all the time. When you practice meditation, your blood pressure drops helping the health of your heart.

Exercise. We all know exercise benefits our body. With controlling stress levels, exercise is the perfect antidote. When we exercise, whether it be walking or cycling, our body lets off mood-boosting chemicals called endorphins. This gives us the "high" we feel after we exercise. Also, exercise lowers blood pressure, strengthens our hears and controls wait.

Unplug! Carve out a time in your day to remove yourself from pressures that come from the outside. Even if it's just for 15 minutes, take the time to block out emails, news or other ways the "outside world" can creep into your daily life.

Search out activities that reduce stress. In life we need to find those things that truly bring us joy and take stress away. Whether it's taking a bath, reading a book or finding a hobby that you enjoy. The simple things that everyday life and it's pressures steal from us. Take time for you!

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